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Drifitng in a Nissan Altima

Some high speed drifting in a Nissan Altima

Golf Cart Drifitng In Snow Part 3

Drifting in the golf cart in the snow.
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grid drifitng part 5 of 5

sorry the videos are so short the camera only lets me record so much video before it stops and it takes for ever to upload on to youtube as well so cheers and thanks for watching

I haven’t got the lyrics (I’m sorry, but if anyone has them, please could you fix me them ?) I really like this song, and made a own -stupid- movie enjoy.
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Carbon8ed drifitng

one of my fellow NJ tuner members Brian(carbon8ed) drifiting his mazda RX-8 @ clubloose’s east coast bash in Englishtown his run comes after the 240 sx
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Looks like fun!
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WRC.no – Tony drifitng his sr20

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WRC.no – Drifitng

Me and my friend ( filming) while im drifting , sudden a cop show up (we scape)

drifitng polaris outlaw 525 irs

drifting around the wet parking lot after work, sorry it was dark, and on a cell phone.

WRC.no – Mustang drifitng X-Treme São Paulo 2006

Mustang drifitng in X-Treme Motorsports – São Paulo 2006 – 11/24/2006

WRC.no – ti drifitng a civic

ti drifting a civic
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WRC.no – Test Drive Unlimited Drifitng

Petite séance de Drift en RUF sur le circuit de Oahu Speedway…
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