Sketchy Rally Cross Race ft. The Colin McRae R4 by ReddReview (Dirt 2) Sports

Up hill. Watch your back. You scared. Get him! Yeah Yeah get him Watch out Whoop his ass Hey Jack has scowled. Yeah I’ll believe that when I see it. Put that pipe down while I finish my buzz. Awh raspberries. I’m gonna go make the roun- Good riddance to you Okay. This is the director’s office. This is where the key should be. Alright, here’s the key, now I’ve got to get to the safe. Got any plans for the weekend? Yeah, I want to relax and watch me some television. You bought a television? I sure did. Man, those things cost as much as a car. How the hell do you afford it? Barry’s uncle Lou passed away a few months back, left us some cash. And you bought yourself a television with it? Reloading. It’s the Empire Bay police department. We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up. If you do not surrender immediately we will open fire? I got you, come on give it up. You ain’t got a chance. I got a homicide here suspect is armed. Roger that. Someday you’ll call. Some day two felt in Yusif, I got these extra gas stamps. You want them? They’re yours, cheap. Yeah, alright. I’m good with that. All right, here you go. And keep your mouth shut about this alright? Sure thing buddy. It’ll be our secret. It better be. keep a shinin in June, your silvery bead, will bring love. You’ll be cuddling too. By the Silvery moon. You are listening to Empire Classic Review, Easy LA Hey, you in the market for some surplus gas stamps? Sure. Where did you get them? On second thought I don’t
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