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WRC Onboards: Germany 2010 – P.Solberg SS8. Requested by GuillaumeWRC5

Check out Petter solberg on SS08 at ADAC Deutschland 2010. Requested by GuillaumeWRC5. For all the latest news, features and videos go to

Meanstreets drifitng

Meanstreets ATX drifting
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Quick snippet of the guys drifting at Queensland Raceway…
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Tunerfest Drifitng, Georgia

Some drifting at Tunerfest at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA.

GT5P G25 Blitz ER34 HSR-Daytona Drifitng vs. AI

click the latest fuji run click for d1 london FT-N1 RT-N1 max hp, low weight, lowered 50%, decrease aerodynamics, max turning angle 50
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This was just a first attempt of doing a video. I didnt have the proper equipment so it is a bit jumpy but should still be fine. All of the drifting was my own, none of it was taken from anywhere. So hope you all enjoy.
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WRC Rally Mexico 2007 – Highlights

Highlights of the WRC Rally Mexico 2007 – with Citroen, Subaru, Ford and Peugeot… Watch Rally on TV if you want to hear the engine sounds!
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Go to for more car videos and content.
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rallycross group b

205 t16

John McCluskey retires his ex Hansen Xsara at the British Rallycoss round in Scotland 2006

drifitng my 200$ nissan pickup

drifting my nissan hardbody with a weled locker LSD and a 5spd manual..
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Kimi Räikkönen Crash – WRC Rally Bulgaria 2010 – Iceman & Citroen C4 on and off tarmac

Fun while it lasted for Kimi in this year´s first tarmac event – the WRC Rally Bulgaria 2010. Beating the fellow Finns in their Fords but that makes no difference when the race ends like this, hugging the trees a bit too harsh. To finish first first you have to finish, or something like that.
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basically a street legal factory Ford Escort WRC with sick amount of power (I think its over 600bhp?)
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winter drifitng in armenia mitshubishi montero

drifitng mitshubishi montero magmisho
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