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5 Questions Regarding Believing In A Set Earth That You’re Afraid To Inquire About

Few things in life are since unassailable as the floor under our foot. The planet earth, NASA’s marble that is blue has been confirmed with a hill of medical proof become circular, held in position by gravity and orbiting sunlight.

Or perhaps is it? This will be there is nothing irrefutable. Some call it post-truth.

Flat Earthers hold to a 14th century comprehension of our house globe. Image the planet earth as a flat dish sitting in a snowfall globe and that encapsulates their opinions; kind of.

In the event that you thought flat Earthism had been gone, reconsider that thought. The growing droves of believers in a set globe convene mainly online, their message usually spread through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Not the greatest names in technology can dissuade them. It’s by and large among their like-minded brethren when they do venture past the World Wide Web.

Which was the way it is whenever hundreds of flat Earthers gaggled in Denver in mid-November for the 2nd annual Flat Earth Global Conference. Read More…