Höljes EM Rallycross 2009 A-finale Div.1

A-finalen i Div.1 EM i Rallycros 2009 www.aaserud-racing.com
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The final race of the 1990 British RallyCross Grand Prix. Nordic drivers seem to have dominated the sport ever since the end of the 1970s, with names as Martin “Mister Rallycross” Schanche (Norway), Olle Arnesson (Sweden), Matti Alamäki (Finland), Kenneth “His Kennyness” Hansen (Sweden) and Per Eklund (Sweden) as some of the more famous. British drivers to win rallycross titles were, Scotsman John Taylor (in 1973) and in later years, two Englishmen Will Gollop (in 1992) and Richard Hutton (in 1994). In rallycross several cars start abreast at the same time, and drive three to six laps on a rather short racing track, setting the best qualifying times. In the end there are ‘C’, ‘B’ and ‘A’ finals for the 16 fastest drivers of the qualification and the overall winner of the event will be decided in an afternoon showdown. Rallycross is a relatively small sport compared to rally and asphalt racing — but far more spectator friendly and as exciting as hell as its where all the banned (for having too much horsepower) WRC cars come to play !!!

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