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Thug set ex’s numbers on swingers page and advised ‘humiliating can be found’ to her leader

The micro bus driver additionally accused the lady of giving picture to a ‘paedophile police’

A ‘violent’ thug confronted to score and stab a woman and her mommy after she left him.

The woman claimed she ‘took the risks significantly’ shortly after mastering Andrew Dodson had before been jailed for possession of a gun.

Dodson, 40, opened a plan of harassment resistant to the girl which the man informed her firms she was basically secretly shooting a service consumer while working as a cultural worker.

In unfounded accusations the guy said she have delivered the images to a ‘well-known paedophile’ who was additionally a servicing law enforcement officer.

The lady, just who the ECHO decided reluctantly to not ever identify, has also been made to service calls from boys excited by intercourse after Dodson shared her individual details on a swingers websites.

Peter Killen, prosecuting at Liverpool top the courtroom, said Dodson and so the female was basically good friends about 12 yrs ago and set out this short union in May 2019. Read More…