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Loving Someone with Manic Depression. The diagnosis of manic depression, as an example, can test perhaps the strongest of fundamentals.

By Joanne M. Doan

While no wedding is easy—as evidenced because of the 50% failure rate in United States—challenges build up whenever a health that is mental is put into the mix. The chance of coping with a lifelong, deadly condition may be overwhelming.

The unpredictable symptoms and actions of someone experiencing manic depression can shake a relationship up that will frighten even the many supportive partner. These signs range from:


  • increased physical and psychological task
  • Exaggerated self-confidence and optimism
  • exorbitant irritability, aggressive behavior
  • reduced importance of rest
  • rapid speech, thought
  • increased intimate behavior and spending


  • extended sadness
  • alterations in appetite and rest
  • irritability, anger, stress
  • pessimism, loss in energy
  • emotions of shame and worthlessness
  • recurring ideas of committing suicide and death

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