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However the proprietors of SugarDaddyForMe dont appear too worried about the look of aiming to take advantage of a humanitarian emergency.

Allow this be your postcard from a moment in late-stage capitalism, circa April 2014.

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Any time each and every editor program of a web publishing obtains a pr release declaring that developing quantities of easterly American women are seeking the policies of american “sugary foods daddies” due to Russias intrusion of Ukraine, its an arduous factor to ignore.

As a result it is recently if transferred just about your whole workforce of overseas strategy a contact with a decidely volatile topic: “Crimea problem induces Flood of Women from Eastern European countries Trying to find Sugar Daddies, in accordance with dating internet site.” The press release went on to say that the women were leaving because of “the current geopolitical environment” a clear nod to the chaos in Ukraine since Russia sent troops into Crimea in late February and early March. Read More…