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Special Counselor: I’m Afraid Simple Boyfriend’s Sex Will End Our Very Own Romance

He states he’s bisexual, but I’m troubled he’s actually gay.

Good Therapist,

My man of a year says she’s bisexual. We recognized this right away because we achieved on a relationship software and that he had that obviously specified in his profile. However, everything I am worried about would be that he could be utilizing me personally as a stepping stone to acknowledging to themselves that he’s gay, or that he must take a heterosexual commitment if you wish to reap the sociable value (getting kids, usually becoming approved in community, etc.).

I’m worried because (a) he’s never been with one before being beside me indicates he or she are not going to have that enjoy (supposing he is doingn’t hack) and (b) they originates from an extremely spiritual group for the towards the south who’d probably struggle to take his homosexuality (or maybe bisexuality). Read More…