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Highschool Contacts. Welcome to Fayetteville Complex Society Colleges High-school Joints Course!

Enter next, tuition-free training!

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Understanding what exactly is University Associations?

Bring a head start on your own level or job. Get cost-free institution courses as a top faculty scholar to increase completion of college records, certifications, and associate degrees that lead to university send or provide entry-level job techniques.

School contacts (HSC) may be the neighborhood branch on the status regimen, Career and College guarantee. The product supplies smooth twin enrollment informative opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students.

School Joints Enrollment

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To Apply for the High School Connections Programs, complete the Enrollment Application.

Select Your Recommended Walkway & Classes

The profession & Specialized degree trails for twelfth grade associations people involves a lot of certificate programs to assist additional students degree. After graduating high school students may have records commit as well as any associate level they may wish receive.

The College send route resulting in the connect in artistry is ideal for senior high school juniors and seniors who wish to get started research toward the Associate in Arts level and a baccalaureate degree in a non-STEM big. The path was a structured set of methods included in the complete Articulation accord (CAA) from the college of North Carolina and the North Carolina people school method.

Upload The Transcript/Test Results

A copy of your own current transcript along with your unweighted GPA is going to need.

Purchase Books & Spend Expenses

Literature can be bought in the FTCC Bookstore. Read More…