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Nonetheless, most people assert upon meaning and seeking deeper responses. So let’s expand upon God and Tao.

Jesus as a term can be “defined” as being an ultimate creator or universal energy. The different facets of God have now been fought over so long as humans have written and utilized words. All definitions are derived from perception. From a Taoist perspective: human-based definitions are both right and wrong: as all meanings are relative to state that is humanity’s of. A Taoist remains away from arguments of meaning. It’s not productive arguing over something relative to every person. Alternatively, Taoism accepts each person’s view of Jesus as being personal.

A Taoist does think the Tao n’t is prior to, after or is even equal to God. The Tao is a concept to spell it out something which goes beyond our capacity to define. Taoism renders the Tao undefined, and a Taoist happily explores the sweetness that opens up because of this.

All Taoist’s will concur: The Tao is indefinable…

A thing that is indefinable: is outside of human being definition by default. Nonetheless, we could still accept it as indefinable. The Tao by being removes that are indefinable problems of perception in its definition since perception cannot straight reveal the Tao that is undefined. It is just simply and utterly is: undefined!

Tao and Jesus merge towards the same concept when this is of God is indefinable. Once the definition is accepted by a person for the Tao as being indefinable, that individual by definition needs to leave it as undefined. Once you place any meaning over such a term, it takes a person further away from the concept that is whole of Tao.

In certain of the Taoist religions, Taoism does have gods, but Taoist gods typically are particularly beings that are tangible. They walk beside us, share tea with us, laugh, play and can alter truth. A taoist god represents an enlightened immortal that can help other aware beings work at grace. Read More…