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TikTok creators uncovered LGBTQ players making use of Grindr in Tokyo’s Olympic Village, endangering all of them around the globe

Social media users on TikTok and Twitter used Grindr to acquire professional athletes in Tokyo’s Olympic Village with pages regarding the gay matchmaking app.

In various blogs seen by Insider, one of which had over 10,000 wants, customers navigated to the Olympic Village for the application having its “enjoy” feature and scrolled through the profiles to share fawning articles, appropriate a comparable development utilizing Tinder’s “passport” element.

But the issues for LGBTQ professional athletes making use of Grindr might be worse than for right players using Tinder, as homosexuality continues to be a crime in a number of countries represented from the Olympic Games.

The articles, which Insider is certainly not linking to in an attempt to secure the privacy of individuals highlighted from inside the screenshots, may potentially out sports athletes from anti-LGBTQ region, and regional Japanese people that live in a culture that Amnesty worldwide says systemically discriminates against gay men.

Some viral content reveal Grindr customers’ complete face

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