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Cheerfully separated: Indian women are breaking the stigma around split like never before. The conclusion an unhappy relationships should-be celebrated, say women

The termination of an unsatisfied matrimony must celebrated, state female.

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  • “BREAKUP was FFFFFINAL,” composed Shasvathi Siva on her myspace timeline 3 days before. It absolutely was a celebration in upper case. The 27-year-old entrepreneur from Mumbai wanted to emphasize the woman excitement and relief.

    In a country where relationship is frequently regarded as sacred plus quintessential for a woman, and splitting up gets looked at as an indication of problems, Siva was supposed against the wave by honoring this lady split. To comprehend precisely why which an issue, we should instead evaluate India’s separation and divorce price which stood at 1per cent in 2017, according to a report from the organization for business Co-operation and developing. Read More…