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Let me tell you more about include another email alias for a person

The admin center is evolving. When your experience does not match the main points presented right here, see concerning the brand new Microsoft 365 admin center.

This short article is actually for Microsoft 365 administrators who possess company subscriptions. It isn’t for house users.

A primary current email address in Microsoft 365 is often the current email address a individual ended up being assigned whenever their account is made. If the individual sends e-mail to another person, their main current email address is exactly just what typically seems into the From field in e-mail apps. They could likewise have several current email address connected with their Microsoft 365 for company account. These addresses that are additional called aliases.

As an example, let’s imagine Jenna has got the email address jenna contosoco , but she also wants to receive email at jen contosoco because some social individuals refer to her by that title. You are able to produce aliases on her behalf in order that both e-mail details head to Jenna’s inbox.

You are able to create as much as 400 aliases for a person. No fees that are additional licenses are needed.

If you would like numerous individuals to manage e-mail provided for a solitary email like info NodPublishers or product sales NodPublishers , develop a shared mailbox. For more information, see develop a shared mailbox.

Include e-mail aliases to a person

You really need to have admin permissions to work on this.

In the admin center, go right to the Users > Active users web web page.

In the Active Users web page, find the user > Manage email aliases. You’ll not see this program in the event that individual doesn’t have a license assigned in their mind. Read More…