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Is it possible that having a smaller home can lead to a larger life?

For many people, the appeal of living in a tiny home means being able to live more simply, have more experiences and fewer possessions, and even gain financial freedom. My friend Alana Pulay has lived in a tiny home for two years. For this edition of TRIO, I visited with her to learn what people should think about before deciding to downsize.

1. Will It Fit Your Lifestyle?

Tiny homes are all the rage, but how do you know if moving into one is right for you? If you’re thinking about joining the tiny home movement, the first thing you should consider is your lifestyle. Can you live the life you want in a smaller space? Alana was confident that she could adjust to living in a tiny home. Her previous home was 800 square feet, so she had already had practice on living with less.

There’s not an exact definition of exactly how much space a home needs to be to qualify as a tiny house, but most tiny homes range between 60 and 400 square feet. Read More…