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Clueless is actually a full-on Monet: almost everything appears great from far off but up close-up it is a mess.

Really, I swoon over any movies together with the ageless Paul Rudd, however when Cher’s real love ultimately ends up are their character – the girl eye-rolling, nit-picking stepbrother, Josh – it truly is a situation of “as if!”

Longevity rating: 2/5

Allie and Noah, The Laptop

Interaction is a big contract in a partnership; if you don’t tell another exactly what you are planning or just how you’re feelings, after that how in the world are they likely to know?

Noah and Allie’s short-lived summertime love (which starts, as you’ll no doubt keep in mind, with your blackmailing the woman into matchmaking your) are heartbreakingly dragged-out through the span of their particular whole life, and all because neither of them could be troubled to sit down and just have a suitable talk. Read More…