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Balangan This is basically the next break regarding the Bukit and it is waking length from Dreamland.

It’s a reef split but provides a lovely white mud coastline and that is really quiet and delightful. Balangan was an enjoyable left-hander that isn’t so fast as the more reef pauses throughout the bukit and is also suitable for intermediate surfers.


Merely north of Seminyak, Canggu keeps some surf in your neighborhood. The main break at Echo seashore produces an excellent correct top that breaks over black lava rock with two fun lefts nearby. Really outstanding advanced break connecting the safety with the seashore breaks with risks of surfing over red coral.


More north, Balian are a peaceful rivermouth left and right, breaking over a rock and mud bottom.


Further north again, Medewi was a long left point break, peeling gently for hundreds of metres along circular lake rocks. Excellent for longboards and greatest at mid-tide from 4-8ft. Swell dimensions we have found typically larger than Kuta based swell course.

Nyang Nyang

Usually provides swell, but often too-big to browse securely. Typically best checked out when almost everywhere more happens dull but it’s hard to access. Read More…