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All Muslims in many cases are blamed for solitary act of horror. Psychology describes strategy to halt they.

We can’t overcome prejudice with name-calling. Here’s one strategy that actually works.

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On Wednesday, chairman Donald Trump retweeted anti-Muslim propaganda clips from a known hate cluster. The movies — one among which has been shared being phony — purport to show the dangers Muslims position to Western community: that Muslim migrants beat-up light Europeans, threaten Western customs, and mock american religious rates.

As the associates at Vox need brought up, Trump’s retweets match a pattern: He feels which whole of Islam, collectively, try a risk towards united states of america in addition to the West. The man cures Muslims as a monolith, several grouped thousands and thousands which should have for banned within the US. There’s a psychological principles which enables describe this inclination: “collective responsibility,” if we discipline all the for the practices of some.

In certain strategies, Trump is actually channeling just how many us citizens experience Muslims. We come across collective blame it on back its brain after an act of horror dedicated by an affiliate of this Islamic belief. Read More…