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Recall Bebo? Yeah. Therefore the founder is definitely eliminating this site

AOL after settled $850 million for that social networking. Bebo creator Michael Birch enjoys bought it down for an awesome $a million, and aims to start over.

Bebo is dead. A minimum of in its latest version.

Michael Birch, the president of onetime fb rival, gotten back the social networking just to posses their organization shut down the site on Wednesday while it makes to relaunch it.

Birch listed the move around in a video uploaded to the Bebo website landing page, just where they recognizes the site only was not really worth running nowadays. During the last seven years, Bebo had gone from a Facebook player to using followers that mirrored social networking site myspace’s . In its place will rise an absolutely new, built-from-scratch Bebo that only be on mobile. Read More…